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Nebraska 150

Book reviews

I just finished The Translator by Leila Aboulela. I enjoyed the spare writing but never rooted for the imagesprotagonist. And the ending felt falsely tidy.

Like the first book in the trilogy (Some Luck), Jane Smiley’s Early Warning doesn’t pull you forward with rising stakes or a narrative arc, but it did make politics and culture from 1959 through the early eighties come alive.

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting by Marcia Ballinger is a fast, worthwhile read.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra knocked my socks off. I paced myself to enjoy the elegant writing and because I didn’t want it to end. It’s a solid education on the wars in Chechnya, and a wonderful tale of love, loss, and loyalty.


The Nebraska 150 Book Selection Committee chose 150 notable Nebraska books to highlight for the Nebraska 150 Celebration. These books represent the best literature produced from Nebraska during the past 150 years. And ’89 Walls is on it! No big deal: I’m just rubbing elbows with Willa Cather and Rainbow Rowell.

Book clubs

IMG_2104Thanks, St. Cloud Library and youth librarian, Amanda MacGregor, for the opportunity to exchange ideas with a thoughtful, smart, and cool group of teens at their monthly Teen Book Club.

I also loved going to my friends’ wine-I-mean-book-club in Eden Prairie. It ended up being the perfect day to talk about the 80s. ‪#‎restinprince

Be sure to invite me to your book club if you live in a cabin on a lake. I spent last weekend with the Couples Book Club near Hackensack. They take seriously their food and cocktails. I appreciate this.

IMG_2230I’m looking forward to the three book club appearances I have lined up for May! Don’t forget that book clubs get a 30% discount on ’89 Walls. Email me at katiepierson58@gmail.com to buy direct.


Meanwhile, in day job land, I’ve been selected as a Communications Coach for the Twin Cities Media Alliance, an incubator for small non-profits seeking to up their communications game. I’m also editing for Trio Bookworks, writing for the International Academy of Trial Lawyers’ human trafficking initiative, editing for Aurora Consulting, and helping a leader in the sustainable food movement position her Terra Soma brand.

Do you know of a good cause in need of a good writer? Here are my deets:

As a word nerd with a social justice background in fundraising and public affairs, I help Twin Cities non-profits tell their stories in vivid, research-based, accessible prose. I leverage changes in public opinion by developing and editing issue-literate content for websites, newsletters, brochures, grant proposals, communications and marketing plans, fundraising letters, political action alerts, social media, opinion pieces, stakeholder profiles, speeches, blog entries, annual reports, and policy reports. I also offer re-writing services (as in, “Please fix this hot mess of a document by tomorrow”). I have a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in American History from the University of Minnesota, and fifteen years of freelancing experience. Please see my website for client testimonials.

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